How can we use the COVID-19 crisis to create a better future. A positive mindset and self-awareness are important aspects as we are navigating through times of change.

As most of us are working from home, I had the privilege to support some organisations including Brisbane City Council with online workshops and courses.

Some of the key issues that came up in these sessions are:

– Not being able to find motivation.

– Increasing stress levels due to uncertainty and catastrophising thoughts.

– Missing colleagues and other family members.

– Challenges of working from home when kids around.

– Not being able to have a healthy work-life balance.

If you are feeling similar, please understand that you are not alone. All of us are dealing with these restrictions in different ways.

Below are some ideas that may be helpful as we adopt our current reality and create a better future.

1. Get Clarity 

One of the reason why we may not feel motivated is that we do not have clarity about our goals and dreams. This is the time where we can reflect on how we would like to move forward when the pandemic is over. According to a workplace study in the U.S., 85% of the work force were not satisfied with their job before COVID-19. This is insane!

It is time to create our future reality by asking ourselves how we would like to live, love and work when we are out of the house. Here are some questions that can support you with clarity:

– How do I want to feel in my life?

– What experiences would I like to have?

– How do I want to contribute to society?

– Is my current way of living supporting these experiences and feeling? If yes, great. If no:

– What do I need to change to make my dreams come into reality?

Remember every vision starts with a clear idea followed by action steps.


2. Take charge of your mind – self regulation

When unchecked our minds can create nightmare scenarios about the future, what we call catastrophising. If we are having these fearful thoughts, we will activate the stress response in our body (fight/flight/freeze). Stress response will lower our immune system as our body reacts to an unseen danger created by the mind. This is the worst thing we can do as we are going through a pandemic.

By using mindfulness and deep breathing practices, we can turn on the relaxation response which will allow our body to rest and repair. I have recorded a guided mindfulness practice to help you stay calm in these times of challenge. Please share with your loved ones if you find it beneficial.

3. Identify your priorities & structure your day

Many unexpected events can happen as we work from home. It is very useful to write down your schedule the night before, so that you have clarity around what needs to be done. Identify your top 3 priorities that need to happen on that day. When you start your work, make sure to attend to these priorities first and then move on to your to do list.

Communicate your schedule with your family and make arrangements if you are required to support your children’s learning.

I hope some of these suggestions are helpful. I am not here to minimise the impact we are all feeling at the moment. We are all impacted by it in different ways. The question is: can we be flexible and proactive during these moments and create a better society based on kindness, sharing, creativity, compassion and joy?

We are here to support you. All of our services are now available online including Mindfulness & Mindset Coaching and Corporate Workshops.

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About Jon Unal

Jon Unal is the founder of Conscious Beginnings, a company that supports organisations with wellbeing, emotional intelligence, performance and engagement through evidence-based mindfulness training.


Over the years, he supported hundreds of people and companies to achieve their visions and aspirations by becoming more self-aware, resilient, confident and courageous. Some of his clients include Australian Counselling Association, BHP, Credit Union Australia, Sanofi and Queensland Police.

He has been on a personal development journey since 2006: completing graduate qualifications in applied psychotherapy and counselling, training in various modalities such as ACT, mindfulness and neuroscience. He also holds a Master’s Degree in economics.

Today, he serves organisations and individuals as a mindfulness and mindset coach, corporate trainer, keynote speaker and psychotherapist, with a mission to empower them stepping into their full potential and living an inspired and vibrant life.