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Learn how to stress less & enjoy more!

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Life can be stressful and demanding as we face many unexpected challenges. In this course, you will immediately start practicing proven techniques of stress reduction to help you relax and enjoy life more!

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A Mindfulness & Personal Growth platform where you will find ongoing support during life’s challenges, feel empowered to live a happier and more meaningful life. We offer effective mindfulness courses & retreats, corporate wellness programs and counselling & coaching services in Australia. You can also benefit from our online courses based on the latest research in Mindfulness & Positive Psychology.

Discover new skills to reduce stress and anxiety, increase emotional intelligence and resilience, boost your happiness and find clarity in life!

Workplace Mindfulness Trainings

Helping leaders and employees to destress, increase wellbeing resilience, productivity and performance.

Online Trainings

Access premium courses based on Mindfulness & Positive Psychology to reach your full potential. Learn strategies to find calm and balance, and get support to implement mindfulness in your daily life, at your own pace.


A good therapeutic relationship with genuine care can assist you to develop a deeper understanding of who you are and free yourself from emotional turmoil.

Group Courses

Implement effective strategies to live in the present moment and thrive during emotionally challenging times, in a safe and supportive group environment.


Get away from the busyness of life! Join our daylong mindfulness meditation retreats to reconnect with yourself in nature, destress and find inner peace.


"A new perspective of reality only can be achieved by yourself and the ability of see things without over-thinking and no judgement. Jon has been a great help on this journey where I learned about myself and the world around me in ways that I couldn't even imagine before. The meditation techniques and being able to focus and slow down in my mind opened opportunities to reevaluate my life and showed me the simple pleasures and beauty of moments that I witness everyday. Thanks Jon and all the people that participated in the group"

Lucas Okamoto, Project Manager, Hewlett-Packard

"Jon is passionate about and dedicated to his work and clients. He is a genuine example of “walking the talk” and I know he utilises what he shares as strategies and techniques for living a happier, healthier life. I run my own business in the wellness industry and Jon is my go-to for everything Mindfulness. I highly recommend him."

– Leonie NewtonLife and Success Coach at Opportune Moments

"Jon taught me that the stillness and peace we yearn for is inside each of us. Through creating a space where I felt safe enough to trust myself and to sit with whatever arose, Jon showed me what is possible when I slow down enough to let my internal dialogue settle."

– Jane W Smith

Upcoming Events

8 Week Mindfulness Course

28 February – 18 April 2019

Cultivate mindful awareness and bring positive change in your life in a supportive group environment.

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1 Day Mindfulness Retreat

Sunday 17 March 2019

Get away from the busyness of life and reconnect with yourself in nature and find inner-calm, presence and well-being.

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Mindfulness Circle Brisbane

Wednesdays, fortnightly

Recharge at lunchtime with our 45 minutes free mindfulness practice in the heart of Brisbane City.

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