Executive coaching

Create the life you deserve

Your state of mind influences all areas of your life including performance, wellbeing, relationships and career.

In the journey of self-actualisation, you hold the power to shape your narrative: either let the past dictate who you are or take conscious steps to craft a future aligned with your aspirations. It starts by gaining clarity on your desired identity and life experiences. Through dedicated action and expert coaching, you can manifest your vision and embark on a transformative path of growth.

Our Coaching Programs are a good fit for:
  • Executives seeking a more balanced life, greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence to inspire peak performance without burnout
  • Leaders interested in refining their soft skills to improve company culture and build high-performing teams
  • Leaders wanting to enhance resilience whilst navigating transitions
  • Executives striving for personal growth and fulfillment
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Increase motivation

by setting values-aligned goals

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Enhance performance

with practical ongoing strategies

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Find balance

Reduce stress and improve wellbeing

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Empower yourself

by taking ownership and responsibility

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Develop clarity

and find the right direction

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Change your behaviour

to create positive outcomes

Success Stories

Your Coaching Program

What is Positive Intelligence?

Part of our coaching program is based on the Positive Intelligence (PQ) framework.

Positive Intelligence (PQ), coined by S. Chamine, refers to the ability to consciously choose thoughts and emotions for optimal performance. PQ involves balancing the sage (wise, compassionate) and saboteur (negative, critical) aspects of the mind. Developing PQ offers benefits like improved focus, reduced stress, enhanced decision-making, and overall well-being. Strategies to improve PQ include identifying, challenging, and replacing negative thoughts and cultivating mindfulness.

Rise above chaos and thrive.

Life’s challenges can get overwhelming, but there’s a way to break free: by working on your mental fitness.

In just seven weeks, you can build the mental resilience needed to tackle leadership complexities. Positive Intelligence offers tools to respond positively to life, reducing stress and boosting satisfaction. Backed by neuroscience and psychology, it’s a proven path to personal transformation.

Ready to silence your inner saboteur and unleash your inner sage?
Get started on your journey towards mental fitness, discovering the power of positivity in just 15 minutes a day.

A 7-week journey to boost your mental fitness.

The “PQ Program” only requires 15 minutes of your time daily. With each exercise completed, you strengthen your mental muscles and create enduring positive habits. By the end of the 7 weeks, you’ll notice a significant impact – you’ll feel clearer, liberated, and positively charged.

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Personalized Learning

Assessment results and insights from “Positive Intelligence” guide customized practices on our app.

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Video Insights

Weekly videos led by Shirzad Chamine deepen understanding and inspire action.

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Custom App

Daily 15-minute practices on our app help you apply insights to real-life situations.

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Weekly Coaching

Join live Zoom calls for support and guidance on your own or with fellow participants.

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Daily Progress Tracking

Track your progress and receive personalized coaching to disarm your top saboteurs.

Individual Coaching Sessions

In our Coaching Programs, we offer individual sessions designed to complement and reinforce the principles of the 7-week PQ program. These personalized sessions are crafted to ensure that the learnings from the program are deeply integrated into your daily life. We believe in fostering long-term change, focusing not on quick fixes but on instilling habits and insights that will continue to benefit you for years to come.

What to expect in a session

Like a sports coach, I may ask of you more than you might think you can give. At times the coaching is rigorous in its approach and you may not always like what is being said. As the saying goes “If you think what you always think, say what you always say, and do what you always do, you will get what you always get”.  These habits provide a predictable way of living, which can be unsatisfying and unfulfilling. The coaching conversation interrupts these patterns and provides a fresh and enhanced relationship with life.

Communication is the most important factor in the coaching relationship. Change occurs when the person being coached is open to and actively engaging the conversation.

Coaching practices

We meet online for an hour each week or fortnightly. During the coaching session, you’ll receive personalised practices to engage with. Coaching’s real value comes from being in action between the coaching sessions and integrating the coaching into your life. These practices are designed to increase your awareness in certain areas of your life, and are the stepping stones towards your envisioned self and your new life.

Schedule your free Discovery Session today to explore how we can empower you on your journey toward a happier and more purposeful life.

“Clear goals setting and taking decisive actions are the fundamentals to achieve success. Success, to me, is about tangible outcomes that drive meaningful results for both your professional and personal life.”



We offer Individual or Group Coaching Programs. 

Individual Coaching Programs

How to apply

  • Take the Saboteurs Assessment
  • Book a free 45-minute Discovery Call. This is an obligation-free opportunity to connect. We will discuss your situation and what you would like to get out of coaching. We go through your Saboteurs results and how they are impacting your life. The goal is to explore coaching options that suit your needs.
  • If you are a YES after our call, you will be invoiced before starting your program. We can discuss payment plan options if you require them.
Let’s craft the life you’re meant to lead!

Group Coaching Programs

In our Group Coaching Programs, we bring together cohorts of 3 to 8 individuals. While the structure remains consistent with our Individual Programs, the duration is extended to accommodate everyone in the group. We recognize the profound impact of community support on personal growth, which is why participants also gain access to a dedicated WhatsApp pod. Here, peers share insights, offer encouragement, and foster a supportive environment to enhance everyone’s journey toward success.

Book your free 45 min coaching call

and find out how we can work together.

Success Stories

Jon Unal

Jon Unal


Leadership & Mindset Coach, Corporate Trainer, University Lecturer, and Psychotherapist.

About Jon

Jon Unal is a leadership & mindset coach, corporate trainer, university lecturer, and psychotherapist.

He is the founder of Conscious Beginnings which supports leaders and organizations with Leadership Development, Team Dynamics, Emotional Intelligence and Engagement.

He has successfully developed and implemented a wide range of programs for some of the leading organizations in Australia and South East Asia. He is currently a leadership coach for the MIT Professional Education and Mindful Leadership Mentor at the University of Chicago Booth Business School.

Since 2013, he has coached and trained hundreds of individuals and teams, supporting leaders and executives in developing greater self-awareness, wellbeing, high-performance and emotional intelligence.

He is also an associate of Mindfulness Works Australia, one of the leading mindfulness training organisations in Australia and New Zealand.


The tools you will gain are invaluable and will assist you in all aspects of your life.

I’m truly thankful to have come across Jon. I have always found him to be extremely insightful, intuitive and compassionate. I have attended a mindfulness course as well drop-in sessions and each experience never ceased to amaze me with the self-awareness and spiritual growth that Jon facilitates for the participants. Magic really does happen in his sessions and it’s a credit to his experience, expertise and personality.

I would encourage anyone and everyone to access Conscious Beginnings services, wherever you are in your life. If you are open to the learnings, the tools you will gain are invaluable and will assist you in all aspects of your life.

Leanne Wiles

Team Leader, Social Worker, The Benevolent Society

He is a genuine example of “walking the talk”

Jon is passionate about and dedicated to his work and clients. He is a genuine example of “walking the talk” and I know he utilises what he shares as strategies and techniques for living a happier, healthier life. I run my own business in the wellness industry and Jon is my go-to for everything Mindfulness. I highly recommend him.

Leonie Newton

Life and Success Coach, Opportune Moments

I practice the lessons Jon taught me without even realising – this is the best part.

I saw Jon over several months to understand and build upon my resilience tools. Jon tailored each of my sessions and taught me how to integrate the teachings into my everyday life. I practice the lessons Jon taught me without even realising – this is the best part.

Rahul Naidu

Senior Development Assessment Officer, Scenic Rim Regional Council

The coaching foundations

The coaching relationship is a place to own, develop and realise your unique potential.


You have the choice to let past experiences define you or to consciously craft your path forward. Embracing a powerful vision enables you to step confidently towards a meaningful and fulfilling life, continuously reshaping and reinventing yourself as you progress.


Navigating your journey toward your vision requires a steadfast commitment to integrity and accountability. In our sessions, we delve into the agreements you make with yourself and others, guiding you toward the realization of your goals.


We tend to live in a “blame culture”, where we often attribute responsibility for our happiness outside of ourselves. Our coaching sessions are designed to look at all areas of life offering avenues to enhance your personal empowerment and reclaim ownership of your happiness from within.


When aspects of our personality, habits, or language go unnoticed, they can obstruct our ability to bring about meaningful change. Coaching facilitates the enhancement of self-awareness and the adoption of new perspectives, empowering you to catalyze transformative shifts in your life with confidence and clarity.


True transformation transcends mere intellectual understanding; it requires integration through action. Our work together enables you to take the necessary steps towards your objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is mindset important?

Our state of mind impacts all areas of our lives including performance, health & wellbeing, relationships, career and finances. We either choose to let our past define us or consciously create a future on our own terms, by envisioning what we want to experience in life and who we want to become. Having a growth mindset (the belief that you are in control of your own ability, and can learn and improve) is the key to success. In short, mindset is everything!

How can I improve my mindset?

There are many ways you can improve your mindset and create a fulfilling life. One of the key aspects is developing self-awareness and understanding how our beliefs create our reality. Our beliefs shape our worldview and this impacts our behaviour and actions or lack of actions. When you start changing your self-talk, language patterns and implement some of the powerful tools of mindfulness, you will shift your paradigm and mindset.

How much commitment do I need to start coaching?

The commitment required to start coaching varies depending on your goals, availability, and the coaching program you choose. Typically, coaching programs involve weekly or bi-weekly sessions lasting around an hour each, along with additional time for self-reflection and practice between sessions. Additionally, you may be asked to complete assessments, exercises, or homework assignments to support your development journey. While the time commitment may vary, consistency and active engagement are key to maximizing the benefits of coaching and achieving your desired outcomes.

What is executive coaching, and how can it help me?

Executive coaching is a personalized professional development process aimed at enhancing leadership skills, fostering self-awareness, and navigating challenges effectively. It can help you clarify goals, refine leadership abilities, and achieve personal and professional growth. Through collaboration with a skilled coach, you can unlock your full potential, drive organizational success, and create positive change in yourself and your team.

What is involved in the free 45-minute Discovery Call?

During the free 45-minute Discovery Call, we’ll delve into your situation, aspirations, and challenges in a relaxed and confidential setting. We’ll discuss your goals for coaching and explore how our services can support you on your journey. Additionally, we’ll review the results of your Saboteurs Assessment and how they impact your life. This call provides an obligation-free opportunity to connect, ask questions, and determine if our coaching program aligns with your needs before making any commitments.

What questions should I ask when choosing an executive coach?

When selecting an executive coach, consider their experience, coaching approach, and success stories from past clients. Ensure their coaching style aligns with your needs and goals, and inquire about their availability, feedback process, and commitment to confidentiality. By asking the right questions, you can find a coach who resonates with you and empowers you to achieve your professional objectives.

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