Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better – Albert Einstein

The cool winter chill is easing and my fingertips are thawing. As I wander in my garden this morning, feeling the warmth of the sun and seeing the sprout of a new leaf on my tomato plant, I relished in the fact that spring is on its way and a new season is upon us.

From a Mindful Winter…

Most mornings I wake up and listen to my morning Mindfulness ‘Just Being’ video on Insight Timer (I manage 10-15 minutes, while Jon does 45-1 hour so I’m working my way up), I snuggle my toes under the blanket and cherish the minutes I get before my eyes begin to take in the world. I have not always cherished these moments, I spent 10 years working mindlessly as a corporate warrior. Now, this doesn’t mean I didn’t get the job done, on the contrary, I worked so hard and so well I lost myself in the process. I would wake, check emails, drink coffee, work until late and repeat. As I reflect, it was such a loss. It wasn’t until I broke that I was able to re-build.

I think of the way mindfulness entered my life the same way winter creeps in, very slowly and then all at once. In the beginning, I would sit on the grass and notice each single blade or practice yoga to feel the stretch rather than just another ‘activity’ on my list. When I finally made the break from the corporate world into Counselling I noticed some of those old habits returning. I had to wake up every single day and remind myself of the small steps I had taken to live mindfully rather than mindlessly.

To a Mindful Spring…

My biggest awakening was during my re-build, and as cliche as it sounds, I travelled; South East Asia and India. I ended up at the foothills of Nepal in a 10 day meditation retreat. The hardest and most rewarding 10 days of the last 10 years. The retreat changed my perspective entirely. And as we begin to prepare for our Conscious Beginnings day-long retreat in nature, my heart skips for those coming along as I recognise the value of taking the time to cherish these moments and not get lost in life’s busy-ness.

I ask you to reflect on the moments that shaped you, the minutes you take to check in with yourself – to go for a walk, bask in the sunshine and take note of the small moments that make you shine. 

Mindfulness is not always an easy journey, but it is worth every minute. I am reminded of a simple but powerful little image which connects us back to nature. ‘Drink water, get sunlight, because you’re basically a house plant with more complicated emotions’.

If you’re interested in joining Jon, and me at our next retreat, please do reach out or sign up by clicking here.

Written by Jess D. – an almost counsellor, potato lover, mindfulness enthusiasts and all round Conscious Beginnings helper.