Free Guided Meditations

Training yourself to stay in the present moment increases psychological health & well-being. These guided meditations will help you practice different mindfulness techniques. Enjoy!

Body Scan Meditation

Guided Practice

A practice that helps to reconnect with your body sensations, releasing tension and achieve a great state of relaxation. With regular practice, you’ll increase also self-awareness which will help you managing anxiety and depression effectively.

Counting the breath

Mindfulness Meditation

Develop mindfulness skills by becoming aware of your thoughts drifting away while counting your breath. By noticing it and bringing it back to the present moment, you are strengthening your mind and increasing focus and concentration.

Breath & Body Awareness

Mindfulness Practice

Breath & Body Awareness Mindfulness Practice. This meditation guides you to unite the body and the breath, one of the techniques that help with regulating emotions and negative repetitive thought, as well as managing pain.

Mindfulness of Breath

Guided Meditation

During this 10 minutes guided practice, your mind will wander and it’s ok. Just bring gently your attention back to the breath. Over time, this exercise will allow you to experience less and less mind chatter and nervous tension.

RAIN Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

When in pain or discomfort, we tend to block emotions or become overwhelmed by them. The RAIN Meditation helps to find the middle ground and put things in perspective in order to respond consciously rather than react blindly to the situation.

Loving Kindness

Mindfulness Practice

 This practice helps with feeling unconditional acceptance of who you are. Self-compassion practice leads to more harmonious relationships, positivity and higher levels of happiness.

Simply being

Guided Meditation

In this busy and stressful world, we forget to just be. Take a few minutes for yourself to discover the richness of being. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. Just fully present and relaxed.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Guided Practice

If you are highly anxious, this practice will help you with experiencing a real relaxation state. It’s also a wonderful exercise to learn how to recognise when tension starts to build up and release it before it reaches pain or discomfort.

Mindfulness of Sounds

Guided Meditation

Thoughts and sounds are very similar in the way that they are immaterial and uncontrollable. In this practice, we are observing the external world. This exercise helps with calming mind chatter and also to refine our sense of hearing and deep listening.

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