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At Conscious Beginnings, we’re fueled by a deep commitment to sparking positive transformation and nurturing workplaces where everyone feels valued. Recognizing the pivotal role of culture and leadership in shaping organizational success, we’re here to tackle obstacles head-on.

In the face of issues like team toxicity, collaboration hurdles, and dwindling employee engagement, we offer tailor-made solutions to improve team dynamics and elevate performance. Our focus extends beyond traditional leadership development. We’re dedicated to enhancing leadership skills from a mindful and compassionate perspective.

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Navigate change and uncertainty with flexible and resilient teams

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Address burnout and find balance with stress reduction strategies

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Boost your conflict management skills and create inclusive team dynamics

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Enhance motivation and performance by improving psychological safety


Tailored programs designed for your needs

Reduce burnout by fostering a workplace culture centered on empathy and compassion and empower your teams to experience an enhanced quality of life, feeling more alive and connected to the organization’s mission and with each other.

Our leadership programs involve cognitive change strategies and hands-on emotional intelligence and self-awareness practices. We educate, inspire and provide proven strategies that can be immediately implemented in your organization to promote greater focus, productivity and engagement. Moreover, these programs can be customized to suit your needs and time frames. Whether you want a one-off session or a comprehensive program, we can help you develop winning teams & leaders.

If you’re dedicated to creating a vibrant work environment where everyone can thrive, our programs are designed just for you. Let’s join forces and make an impactful transformation together!

Stress Reduction & Mental Fitness


Conflict Management

High Performance Habits

Team Development

Emotional Intelligence

Our Approach

We integrate evidence-based mindfulness & well-being strategies, mindset hacks and the latest research on positive psychology to support your team in performing at their best.

Positive Intelligence

Positive Intelligence (PQ), coined by S. Chamine, refers to the ability to consciously choose thoughts and emotions for optimal performance. PQ involves balancing the sage (wise, compassionate) and saboteur (negative, critical) aspects of the mind. Developing PQ offers benefits like improved focus, reduced stress, enhanced decision-making, and overall well-being. Strategies to improve PQ include identifying, challenging, and replacing negative thoughts and cultivating mindfulness.

Effectiveness by the number


more emotional self-awareness


more empathy


more teamwork and collaboration


more self-control


more self-confidence

Source: https://www.positiveintelligence.com/resources/?mwr=093a3476

Psychological Safety

According to research by Michael Bunting, 40% of our time and energy at work is wasted on image management – politics, hiding weakness, pretending support is not needed, not speaking up to overwork demands, and not challenging poor decisions. By enhancing psychological safety, we improve performance, increase pace of learning and improve engagement and overall happiness.


more engagement


more collaboration


more productivity


less stress

Research by Accenture (2021) has found that the benefits of psychological safety at work include:
  • 27% reduction in turnover
  • 76% more engagement
  • 50% more productivity
  • 74% less stress
  • 57% more collaboration among employees
  • 26% greater skills preparedness
  • 67% higher likelihood of employees applying what they’ve learned
Source: https://www.accenture.com/us-en/blogs/business-functions-blog/work-psychological-safety


Mindfulness teaches us to train our attention by simply noticing the present moment. We observe our thoughts without getting caught up in them, acknowledging their ever-changing nature. Mindfulness helps us cultivate a non-reactive stance towards our emotions. By understanding that we are separate from our thoughts and feelings, we can make conscious choices instead of reacting automatically. The goal isn’t to control or suppress our thoughts, but to hold them in awareness without judgment.

Leaders report that mindfulness training helped them to:
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve productivity and work performance
  • Increase resilience and self-awareness
  • Enhance emotional intelligence, focus and engagement
  • Enhance cognitive performance such as concentration, memory and processing speed; and
  • Improve relationships and overall well-being


think strategically


create space for innovation

We’re committed to leveraging leadership and organizational culture for sustainable growth and inclusivity. By walking the talk, leaders can create workplaces where everyone thrives, and diversity and equality are celebrated.

What to expect?

1. We partner with you to identify your requirements during our initial strategy call.

2. After our conversation, you’ll receive a comprehensive proposal outlining every aspect of the leadership development program.

3. We will conduct a review of the proposal with you to address any potential concerns.

4. Your team will undergo the Positive Intelligence assessment.

5. We’ll conduct the program either on-site or online.

6. Upon completion, we’ll send you a survey to gauge its impact, and we’ll discuss the results together.

7. Following the assessment, we will strategize the subsequent steps, which may include additional programs or tailored coaching sessions for individual or group development.

What do we provide?

In-house/Online Leadership Development and Wellbeing Programs

We deliver in-house programs for your leaders in Southeast Asia and Australia with immersive experiences designed to cultivate leadership excellence within your organization. We provide hands-on training, leveraging interactive workshops, case studies, and real-world scenarios to develop key leadership competencies.

For organizations situated elsewhere globally, our online programs offer a flexible and accessible solution ideal for remote teams or individuals looking to elevate their leadership skills and prioritize well-being practices.

Ongoing support and training

Lasting change requires time and effort. That’s why, in addition to our Leadership Development programs, we provide personalised and group coaching, available either online or on-site, based on your preference.

Success Stories

Jon is one of our most popular facilitators and is repeatedly requested by clients.

Jon is an exceptional facilitator who I highly recommend to any organisation. After working with him for many years, Jon is one of our most popular facilitators and is repeatedly requested by clients. Jon has a unique ability to connect to any audience and consistently delivers impactful sessions that lead to genuine outcomes. I have no hesitation in recommending Jon to any organisation.

Lee-Anne Nichols

CEO, the Workshop Lab

The sessions were practical, informative and fun.

We have been working with Jon Unal from Conscious Beginnings since March 2020 to support employee health & wellbeing. Jon’s webinars on mindfulness, stress reduction and high performance habits have received great feedback from our Senior Leadership and Allied Health teams. The sessions were practical, informative and fun. I would highly recommend Jon as a virtual trainer/facilitator for any organisation who is willing to enhance wellbeing and performance in the workplace.

Matthew Politarhis

National Operations Manager, Healthcare Australia

Jon is a great partner for brainstorming, discussion, as well as development.

We engaged with Jon for some leadership coaching and training which helped our leaders grow better. Jon is a great partner for brainstorming, discussion, as well as development. The way Jon helped me and my organization is different and very practical.

Thank you, Jon! Hope we can have another collaboration soon!

Dwirani Hadiprawoto

Head of People, Happy Fresh Indonesia

After his presentation, the classroom dynamics changed.

Jon delivered a combined presentation and workshop for our Bachelors and Masters students as part of a subject. The presentation fitted right into the topic with an extensive insight into mindfulness. After his presentation, the classroom dynamics changed. Students become more focused, more sensitive to discussion topics and more compassionate with each other while interacting in classroom activities. Jon’s presentation was incredibly informative and entertaining with easy-to-digest yet thought-provoking material. He is really engaging with different age groups and finds the voice with people from all different ethnic backgrounds. Mindfulness is a missing concept in education. It should be taught and practiced on a daily basis by students and teaching professionals. Looking forward to Jon’s next seminar!“

Eszter Kiss

Lecturer and Coordinator - Leading to Work Program, James Cook University

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