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Conscious Beginnings offers effective workplace mindfulness training and corporate wellness programs designed to assist leaders and employees in reducing stress, tapping into optimal engagement, improving resilience, performance, and emotional intelligence.

We deliver a wide range of workplace mindfulness programs that can be customised to suit your needs and time-frames. Whether you want a one-off session, keynote speech or a wellness program, we can help you develop more mindful teams & leaders. We integrate evidence-based mindfulness, corporate wellness strategies and latest research on psychology to support your team performing at their best.

The mindfulness movement has been adopted by companies such as Google, IBM, LinkedIn and the Harvard Business School.

“Conscious Beginnings provided two Mindfulness sessions to some of our staff, as part of QLD Mental Health Week. These sessions received unanimously positive feedback. We are keen to get Jon back to provide mindfulness training to our Peer Support Officers in the near future. Jon was the consummate professional with a great sense of humour and unfaltering calmness. Thank you again for your time, knowledge and expertise.”

Pip Walker

Psychologist/Senior Human Services Officer, Queensland Police Service

Leaders report that mindfulness training helped them to:


Think strategically


Create space for innovation

Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace

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Increase RESILIENCE & performance

with strategies that are easily applied at work

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Improve well-being & happiness

by creating positive relationships and work environment

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Reduce stress

through developing mindfulness based techniques

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Enhance emotional intelligence

by learning evidence-based new skills

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Enhance engagement & unleash creativity

by creating positive relationships and work environment

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Reduce cost

by reducing stress related absenteeism (estimated cost to Australian business $6.4 billion every year – Medibank)

Latest research shows that mindfulness can:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety;
  • Improve productivity and work performance;
  • Increase resilience and self-awareness;
  • Enhance emotional intelligence, focus and engagement;
  • Enhance cognitive performance such as concentration, memory and processing speed; and
  • Improve relationships and overall well-being.

Success stories

My experience with the course Conscious Beginnings provided for North Brisbane Weightlifting Association was fantastic. The methods taught are useful when competing in terms of remaining calm and focused, and able to channel my ‘nerves’ into a considered approach under pressure. Thank you very much for the energy you bring to each and every session.

Colleen Duplock

North Brisbane Weightlifting Association

Jon delivered a Mindfulness Workshop at the recent Australian Counselling Association National Conference, held in Sydney. Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive; his knowledge, understanding and effort were well regarded by all attendees. I look forward to working with Jon in the future!

Thomas Parker

Industry Liaison Officer, Australian Counselling Association

Conscious Beginnings provides a thoughtful & practical journey through mindfulness and resilience, and you come out the other side improved in many ways with practical outcomes that you have identified for yourself to put in practice immediately. A thoughtful and malleable trainer I would encourage all those seeking PD sessions to deal with (di)stress in the workplace to strongly consider what Conscious Beginnings can do for you.

Brett Vance

Manager of Teaching and Learning, James Cook University, Brisbane

Course Content

Our workplace mindfulness training & corporate wellness programs involve attention training practices, cognitive change strategies and hands-on mindfulness and meditation practices. We educate, inspire and provide proven strategies that can be immediately implemented in your organisation to promote greater focus, productivity and engagement.

We generally start with a “taster session” which incorporates an introduction to mindfulness, short practices and guided meditations to help participants understand the application and benefits of mindfulness in the workplace. Based on the interest, we can deliver 4, 6 or 8-week mindfulness programs to implement wellness within your organisation. Online learning & support can be added to assist with the integration of our workplace mindfulness training.

Each module focuses on a significant issue in the work environment and helps employees finding optimal ways to deal with them. Your team’s overall well-being & resilience will improve and you will build more engaged and compassionate workplaces.

Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Foundations and benefits of mindfulness
  • Practice of mindfulness & meditation
Mind & Productivity
  • Understanding the thought processes
  • Techniques to work with the mind
Stress Reduction & Wellness
  • Stress and relaxation response
  • Stress reduction & wellness tips
Emotional Intelligence
  • Dealing with challenging emotions
  • Emotion management strategies

You can extend the program to 6 or 8 weeks by selecting from the following options:

Mindfulness & The Science of Happiness
  • Latest research on how to increase happiness in life and at workplace
  • Improve well-being and productivity in your organisation
Self Awareness
  • Make changes in behaviour and beliefs
  • Develop clarity
Reducing Fatigue
  • Understand causes of workplace fatigue
  • Learn techniques to revitalise
Mindful Relationships & Communication
  • Create a better work environment by communicating clearly and listening attentively
  • Develop healthy boundaries
  • Find optimal ways to overcome work challenges
  • Develop emotional and cognitive strength
  • Improve teamwork and productivity by developing awareness of negative habitual patterns
  • Enhance well-being by regulating emotions effectively

What do we provide?


We provide experienced, specialist Mindfulness Trainers across Australia


We can provide in-house training programmes from small businesses to large groups and national or multi-national businesses.


We have a selection of excellent speakers and presenters on mindfulness who can speak at conferences, seminars and as after-dinner speakers. The talks can be humorous, in-depth, with a focus on the science behind mindfulness or as down-to-earth and practical as you like.


We can deliver one-off workshops within your organisation. These can be an hour long, a few hours, half a day, full day or multi-day events.


We can provide ongoing support and training for your organisation and staff. This can include one-on-one mentoring, regular mindfulness groups, online live video support — whatever suits you best.


We can provide you with both on-demand or live online mindfulness programmes.


We can provide trainers who are experienced working with CEOs, leaders and senior managers in either a group or one-on-one format in a mentoring capacity.

Our clients


Jon Unal

Jon Unal

Founder, Psychotherapist & Mindfulness Trainer - Brisbane

Lyndi Smith

Lyndi Smith

Mindfulness Trainer and Meditation Teacher - Brisbane

Annie Harvey

Annie Harvey

Teacher, Mindfulness Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Author - Adelaide

Janette Dines

Janette Dines

Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher - Sydney

Steve Vella

Steve Vella

Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher - Sydney

Anita Tesoriero

Anita Tesoriero

Psychologist, Coach and Facilitator - Melbourne

Claire Guild

Claire Guild

Art Psychotherapist, Wellness Coach & Mindfulness Educator - Perth

Jossy Jimenez

Jossy Jimenez

Wellbeing Consultant - Melbourne

Karen Haddon

Karen Haddon

Mindfulness Trainer - Perth

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