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Empowering you to gain access to mastery in the personal and business areas of your life.

Our mission

Our mission is to inspire organisations, leaders and individuals to shift their mindset and optimise human potential. We use evidence-based mindfulness practices and wellbeing strategies to enhance self-awareness, eliminate limiting beliefs, improve mental health and achieve higher levels of performance.

We provide high-impact corporate mindfulness and wellbeing programs, inspirational keynotes, mindset coaching and mindfulness retreats.

Our aim is to empower our clients to gain access to mastery in the personal and business areas of their lives. Using scientifically proven strategies, our clients are able to enhance their leadership skills and improve performance while increasing genuine fulfilment in their lives.

Corporate Workshops

Get results with innovative workshops developed to improve mental health, presence, engagement and performance.

Keynote Speaking

Inspire your team to feel empowered and motivated through uplifting and interactive keynote speeches

Mindset Coaching

Get clarity and support as you shift your mindset with one on one coaching sessions

Mindfulness Retreats

Practice Mindfulness and Positive Psychology exercises in nature and learn long-lasting practical tools.

Online courses

Our transformational online courses are designed to help you implement daily habits and support you to become the best version of yourself.

Free resources

Access anytime to our guided meditations and latest tips about Mindfulness, mindset on our free resources section.


What our customers are saying about us.

My experience with the course Conscious Beginnings provided for North Brisbane Weightlifting Association was fantastic. The methods taught are useful when competing in terms of remaining calm and focused, and able to channel my ‘nerves’ into a considered approach under pressure. Thank you very much for the energy you bring to each and every session.

Colleen Duplock

North Brisbane Weightlifting Association

Jon delivered a Mindfulness Workshop at the recent Australian Counselling Association National Conference, held in Sydney. Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive; his knowledge, understanding and effort were well regarded by all attendees. I look forward to working with Jon in the future!

Thomas Parker

ndustry Liaison Officer, Australian Counselling Association

Conscious Beginnings provides a thoughtful & practical journey through mindfulness and resilience, and you come out the other side improved in many ways with practical outcomes that you have identified for yourself to put in practice immediately. A thoughtful and malleable trainer I would encourage all those seeking PD sessions to deal with (di)stress in the workplace to strongly consider what Conscious Beginnings can do for you.

Brett Vance

Manager of Teaching and Learning, James Cook University, Brisbane

Our clients

It all starts with the right mindset!

We are dedicated to helping you transform, find wellbeing and clarity in life.

We use evidence-based mindfulness practices and wellbeing strategies to enhance your level of self-awareness and to free yourself from negative thought patterns, change unhealthy behaviours and achieve higher levels of success.

About Jon

Jon Unal

Jon Unal


Mindfulness and Mindset Coach

Corporate Trainer


I am Jon Unal, founder of Conscious Beginnings, a company that supports organisations with wellbeing, emotional intelligence, performance and engagement through evidence-based mindfulness training. I am also an associate of Mindfulness Works Australia, one of the leading mindfulness training organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

Over the years, I supported hundreds of people and companies to achieve their aspirations by becoming more self-aware, resilient, confident and courageous.

My personal struggles and search for transformation became the catalyst for my passion to empower others on their path to greatness. The beginning of my mindfulness practice in 2006 has been a turning point from living an average life to taking action to create a life in my own terms.

I have been on personal development journey since then: completing graduate qualifications in applied psychotherapy and counselling, training in various modalities such as ACT, mindfulness and neuroscience. I also hold a master’s degree in economics.

I have successfully developed and implemented a wide range of mindfulness and corporate wellbeing programs for some of the leading organisations including Australian Counselling Association, BHP, Credit Union Australia, Sanofi, QSuper, Queensland Health, Queensland Police Service, Rio Tinto and Toyota Australia.

Today, I serve organisations and individuals as a mindfulness & mindset coach, corporate trainer, keynote speaker and psychotherapist, with a mission to empower them stepping into their full potential and living an inspired & vibrant life.

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