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Conscious Beginnings offers effective workplace mindfulness training and corporate wellbeing programs designed to assist leaders and employees in reducing stress, tapping into optimal engagement, improving resilience, performance, and emotional intelligence.

We deliver a wide range of workplace mindfulness programs that can be customised to suit your needs and time frames. Whether you want a one-off session, keynote speech or a wellness program, we can help you develop more mindful teams & leaders. We integrate evidence-based mindfulness & wellbeing strategies, mindset hacks and the latest research on positive psychology to support your team performing at their best.

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Change your behaviour

to create positive outcomes

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Develop clarity

and find the right direction for yourself

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Empower yourself

by taking ownership and responsibility

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Find balance

Reduce stress and improve wellbeing

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Enhance performance

with practical ongoing strategies

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Increase motivation

by setting inspiring goals aligned to your values


Our clients

The latest research shows that mindfulness can


  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve productivity and work performance
  • Increase resilience and self-awareness
  • Enhance emotional intelligence, focus and engagement
  • Enhance cognitive performance such as concentration, memory and processing speed; and
  • Improve relationships and overall well-being.

Leaders report that mindfulness training helped them to:


Think strategically


Create space for innovation

Course Content

Our workplace mindfulness training & corporate wellness programs involve attention training practices, cognitive change strategies and hands-on mindfulness and meditation practices. We educate, inspire and provide proven strategies that can be immediately implemented in your organisation to promote greater focus, productivity and engagement.

We generally start with a “taster session” which incorporates an introduction to mindfulness, short practices and guided meditations to help participants understand the application and benefits of mindfulness in the workplace. Based on the interest, we can deliver 4, 6 or 8-week mindfulness programs to implement wellness within your organisation. Online learning & support can be added to assist with the integration of our workplace mindfulness training.

Each module focuses on a significant issue in the work environment and helps employees finding optimal ways to deal with them. Your team’s overall well-being & resilience will improve and you will build more engaged and compassionate workplaces.

Applied Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • The neuroscience behind the mindfulness revolution
  • Guided mindfulness practices
  • Wellbeing tips, practical tools to help boost mental fitness, sustain health and wellbeing
Positive Mindset & Stress Reduction
  • Developing an understanding of stress and its impacts
  • Spot your stress signs and learn key strategies for reducing stress and enhancing wellbeing
  • Insights on how the mind works and effective strategies to shift mindset and optimise your potential
Transitioning, Change and Resilience
  • Resilience and the factors that contribute to it.

  • Resilience in 3 steps: inner calm, emotional resilience and cognitive resilience

  • Practical steps to boost resilience

  • Micro practices of mindfulness to support resilience and inner calm

Developing High Performance Habits
  • Biochemistry for peak performance
  • Manging self in relation to time and personal organisation techniques to maximise energy
  • Integration of high-performance hacks into a daily routine
  • Practical tools to boost mental fitness, shift your mindset and perform at your best
Building Good Sleeping Habits
  • Implement effective tools for sleep mastery
  • Impact of inadequate sleep on health and wellbeing
  • Basics of sleep science and insights into how sleep works
  • Effective sleep hacks to improve sleep and optimise wellbeing.
Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding and creating personal mastery with emotions
  • Dealing with challenging emotions
  • Strategies to boost emotional intelligence, enhance communication and psychological safety within your team(s)
How to create High Performing Teams
  • Understand the characteristics of high performing teams
  • Learn about the importance of psychological safety in the workplace
  • Identify strategies on building psychological safety in your teams
  • Find out the most common dysfunctions in teams
  • Create an action plan for high performing teams
Leader as Coach
  • Introduction to coaching as a leadership style
  • Understand the fundamentals of coaching
  • Learn some essential coaching skills
  • Introduce GROW Model as a coaching framework for leaders
  • Create your action plan for effective leadership

What to expect?

Education and Inspiration

  • Mindfulness and the science behind the mindfulness revolution
  • Wellbeing strategies
  • High-performance habits
  • Resilience in action
  • Sleep mastery
  • Mindset and stress reduction


  • Guided mindfulness practices and micro-practices to support the implementation of mindfulness and wellbeing into everyday life.
  • Practical wellbeing and high-performance strategies to optimise performance and productivity

Team Work

Engaging the participant to share in pair or in a group.

Mindfulness challenges

Incentives to implement mindfulness in daily life.


What do we provide?

In-house training programs

We provide in-house training programs from small businesses to large groups and national or multi-national businesses.

Ongoing support and training

We provide ongoing support and training for your organisation and staff. This can include one-on-one mentoring, regular mindfulness groups, online live video support — whatever suits you best.

Online programs

We can provide you with both on-demand or live online mindfulness programs.


Success Stories

Geon Property engaged Conscious Beginnings to facilitate the mindfulness sessions within their GEONergy team wellness program. Jon’s engagement with the team was brilliant. He brought energy to the team and earned the respect of all Geon team members throughout the process of teaching stress management, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, etc. I would highly recommend Jon Unal to any corporate office, wanting to assist their team with some mindfulness tools.

Susan Mercer

Chief Operating Officer, Geon Property

I have engaged Jon Unal on a number of occasions to facilitate mindfulness sessions in a corporate environment. Our teams have always enjoyed the sessions and have benefited both personally and professionally. Jon has successfully tailored his sessions with the audience in mind. I would highly recommend Jon to anyone looking to bring mindfulness into the workplace.

Elizabeth Tully

HR Business Partner, Sanofi

Jon is a skilled and gifted mindfulness educator. His in-depth personal experience and knowledge of mindfulness is excellent, This is further enhanced by his professional training and experience as a psychotherapist. Jon is an fantastic facilitator who consistently receives glowing feedback from participants in the Mindfulness courses he runs with Mindfulness Works. I have no hesitation in recommending Jon in the public, workplace or corporate environment as a mindfulness educator of the utmost integrity, passion and ability. 

Karl Baker

Founder, Mindfulness Works Australia

Jon delivered a combined presentation and workshop for our Bachelors and Masters students as part of a subject. The presentation fitted right into the topic with an extensive insight into mindfulness. After his presentation, the classroom dynamics changed. Students become more focused, more sensitive to discussion topics and more compassionate with each other while interacting in classroom activities. Jon’s presentation was incredibly informative and entertaining with easy-to-digest yet thought-provoking material. He is really engaging with different age groups and finds the voice with people from all different ethnic backgrounds. Mindfulness is a missing concept in education. It should be taught and practiced on a daily basis by students and teaching professionals. Looking forward to Jon’s next seminar!“

Eszter Kiss

Lecturer and Coordinator - Leading to Work Program, James Cook University

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